November 13, 2023

2024 NBA Playoffs Schedule Released

2024 NBA Finals

The NBA has released the schedule for the 2024 NBA Playoffs, which will begin on April 20. The playoffs will follow the conclusion of the regular season and the Play-In Tournament, which will take place from April 16-19.

The top eight teams from each conference will qualify for the playoffs, with the first round being a best-of-seven series. The second round, conference semifinals, and conference finals will also be best-of-seven series. The NBA Finals will be the only round to feature a best-of-seven format, with a potential Game 7 concluding the series on June 23.

Key Dates

  • April 14: NBA regular season ends
  • April 16-19: Play-In Tournament
  • April 20: NBA Playoffs begin
  • May 6-7: Conference Semifinals begin
  • May 21-22: Conference Finals begin
  • June 6: NBA Finals begin
  • June 27: NBA Draft
NBA regular season endsApril 14
Play-In Game 1April 16
Play-In Game 2April 16
Play-In Game 3April 17
Play-In Game 4April 17
Play-In Game 5April 19
Play-In Game 6April 19
NBA Playoffs beginApril 20
Conference Semifinals beginMay 6-7
Conference Finals beginMay 21-22
NBA Finals Game 1June 6
NBA Finals Game 2June 9
NBA Finals Game 3June 12
NBA Finals Game 4June 14
NBA Finals Game 5 (if necessary)June 17
NBA Finals Game 6 (if necessary)June 20
NBA Finals Game 7 (if necessary)June 23
NBA Draft 2024 presented by State FarmJune 27
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